2016 Heritage Living Village Events

Main Stage

Saturday, September 17th 2016
11:30 AM Root Cellar String Band
12:30 PM Twisted Strands
1:30 PM Toraigh
2:30 PM Root Cellar String Band
3:30 PM Twisted Strands
4:30 PM Toraigh
Sunday, September 18th 2016
11:00 AM Root Cellar String Band
12:00 PM Twisted Strands
1:00 PM Toraigh
2:00 PM Root Cellar String Band
3:00 PM Twisted Strands
4:00 PM Root Cellar String Band & Toraigh

Twisted Strands

Returning as Northwest Ohio's three-some performing modern Celtic and folk music along with a few unexpected twists from other genres. Twisted Strands uses an array of instruments from the Renaisance viola da gamba to modern whistles and guitar. This group will have you dancing in yours seats with their jigs and reels.


Tiffin's own Martin Koop and band members are returning yet again to perform traditional music of both Scottish and Irish ballards. Their tunes come alive with the use of fiddles, banjo and mandolin. Their heart warming music is a treat for all.

Root Cellar String Band

New to this year's festival, this band will be performing Old-Tyme music with the help of a fiddle, guitar, banjo, bass, banjo uke, and mandolin. Their tunes will have you imagining a relaxing afternoon on the front porch of an old prairie home.

More coming soon.