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As you know, our festival has been going under some changes the last few years, and we are still getting better and better every year! This festival is 100 percent community driven and has a LOT of volunteer hours put in, so that we can have a great experience celebrating the heritage of our area.

However, as time goes on, we are in desperate need of help from more of the community. Right now, there are about 12 of us making the entire festival what you see, hear and taste and most of the members are doing multiple things at once. We need your help Seneca County! We are looking for help with multiple areas which can be done by one person, or a group of friends or coworkers! We have included a small guideline of what would need to be done, but the most important thing to remember is that YOU WILL NOT BE ALONE. You will have the guidance and assistance of the Festival committee and board members. If you have any questions, or would like to step up, please send us a message on Facebook, or email us at

Public Relations: This position would be responsible for doing any public relations, which includes radio ads, newspaper write ups and helping promote the Festival. This position will work with the marketing people and make sure everybody knows about the Festival!

Downtown Entertainment Lot 7 / Heritage Block: This position will be responsible for setting up the Lot 7 Entertainment Stage, including setting up tables and chairs, fencing and lot clean up and maintenance. This position will work with the staff who has set up and run the lot for the last 5 years.

Food vendors: This position can be really fun! This position will visit other area Festivals and eat food! This position would be responsible for setting up the food vendors, staging them, and making sure every vendor is set up by the opening of the Festival. This position will work with staff who have worked with food vendors and know the power limits.

Parade: This position will be responsible for putting on one of the biggest events of the Festival. This position will plan, coordinate, and line up the parade participants. This would be great for a group of people to coordinate, especially on parade day. Information from the previous parade coordinator will be handed down, and assistance would be provided by the Festival staff.

Rides: One of the biggest attractions to our Downtown Area of the Festival is the rides. This position would assist in lining up a ride company, staging, getting power needs and helping promote the ride section of the Festival. This position would be assisted by the Heritage Festival President.

Physical Arrangements: The biggest part of the Festival is setting up and tearing down. This group of people would be responsible for helping set up the Living History Village, Downtown Area, and making sure the Festival is running smoothly by removing trash and cleaning up during the event.

We know it’s a lot, and we have had a lot of great volunteers to thank for helping out in years past. A BIG thank you Dennis Behm and Gwen Stallard for their years of AMAZING help, input, and hard work! We appreciate everything that you have done for us, the Tiffin-Seneca Heritage Festival, and Seneca County. Due to these amazing individuals’ efforts and hard work, we have a lot of space to help. If you want to volunteer, please send us a message to our Facebook account, or email us at This Festival has many years of tradition and hard work put into it, and we need help! Talk to your friends, family, coworkers, bosses, everyone. The Downtown area has meetings once a month, but committee members are always willing to answer questions and work things out. We thank you for coming to you the Festival, and hope to keep this amazing event going for many years to come.

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